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Your advertisement will be on the internet 24/7. It gives an opportunity for people to know about your business.

You will benefit from people definitely finding your business every time they search on Google about Beaches in Sydney. Today there are 50,000 searches per month with the word “Beaches” on Google. When people search about the name of a beach it will be possible to locate your business. For instance, Manly there are 27,600 searches per month and 165,000 for Bondi per month.

People will see your advertisement on Google and they will know about your products and services and when you are running sales campaign.

Access, compare and measure results through information generated by tools inside Google, these tools are managed by our team to boost your ad proficiency more than the conventional media, such as radio, newspapers or magazines.

You can use our platform to write articles, news, history about your business, post pictures and comments about events that are happening in your company, posts about interests, style, seasonal products, make a movie and embed it on YouTube and much more using the tools and information we will provide to you to optimize results.

Your customers will be able to print discount vouchers from your website, and therefore you can measure these results and obtain accurate data about them as well as your return of investment.

You will receive an eBook on how to prepare email marketing and we will assist you to do it. Subsequently, you will receive a second eBook on how you can create different strategies. Plus a mobile applicative that will enable you to do campaigns.

You will receive newsletters of digital marketing orientation.

You will be able to use our database to send information about your products and services throughout email marketing.

Your business will interact with clients (users) effortlessly.

You will have regular Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram posts.

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“Infobeaches team has professional with a vast knowledge in different areas. During my consultation, they assisted me with online marketing and how to reach our company goals.”

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