Bondi Pavilion – A cultural hub at the heart of Bondi Beach

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You have certainly noticed this monstrous building during your walks along Bondi Beach but what you probably don’t know, is that this iconic pavilion, that sits at the heart of the most famous beach in Australia has a lot more to offer than change rooms and fish ‘n’ chips.  


This very large building, built in 1928, was a very ambitious project for the times, as its main purpose was to provide change rooms for the beach goers. Over the decades the Bondi Pavilion has been re-purposed according to the needs of the times.In the 1970s, with the addition of a theater, netball court, art gallery, gymnasium and amphitheater, the building started to become the cultural hub of Bondi Beach as we know it to be today.  


Bondi Pavillion’s events calendar is jam packed with all-year-round entertainment for all tastes. Waverly Council releases a calendar every couple of months with a full list of what to do and see at the Pavilion.  

Rock Surfers Theater Co. is Australia’s leading independent new writing theater company and calls the Bondi Pavillion their home offering a great variety of ongoing plays for theater lovers.

For full current shows, check out 

The pavilion’s gallery showcases local artists throughout the year and it is free of charge.

For information on current exhibitions check out the gallery page here!  

Classes & Activities

The building offers a great variety of classes and activities. The list is very extensive and guaranteed to offer exactly what you are looking for. African Dance, Baby Ballet, Kung Fu, Pottery, Yoga are just few of the classes available. 

The Bar

The Bucket List is one of the liveliest hang out spots in Bondi Beach offering great food, atmosphere and a stunning view.

During the daytime it’s a place to hide from the sun and grab a bite to eat and in the evenings it becomes all you would expect from a Bondi local, live entertainment, beach babes, hipsters and backpackers galore.  

Bondi Pavilion

Queen Elizabeth Drive, Bondi Beach

Ph: 8362 3400 Fax: 8362 3420

by Graziela Oborn