Memories Of Mandela

In General | Sat 07/12/13


Nelson Mandela died on December 5, 2013 leaving a legacy of hope and freedom to the world.

Mandela changed the face of politics and the core of what South Africa now stands for; Justice and equality.

He changed the face of South Africa through His endurance to see the end of the apartheid and bring Hope and Freedom to all South Africans whether black or white.

His death comes with many memories from people all over the world. Including South Africans who now live in Australia.

Fini De Grersigny, pastor of Jubilee Church in Waverley is a born and raised South African Who moved to Australia with His wife and family from Durban South Africa.

MR De Gersigny says He comes from a family who didn’t believe in the apartheid. He said “I had the good fortune to grow up in a family who was against the apartheid.

It was hurtful for us to see black people treated as second class citizens at the same time we felt like we could make a difference by treating the black people who worked for us well.”

The day will be remembered in History when Nelson Mandela was released from prison and became president of South Africa.

MR De Gersigny said “it felt like there was hope for the first time for South Africa. When Mandela was released from prison in 1990 with humility and graciousness, it was a symbol of hope. His process to be president was not one of retaliation but of reconciliation.

Black people had hope and so did white people, the perpetrators and the victims of the apartheid were able to move on. They were able to forgive and to forgive themselves.  It was an amazing time.”

When you compare the history of South Africa and Australian Politics it’s diverse and it gives clear vision of what really counts in politics and what doesn’t.

MR De Gersigny said “the Abilities in this nation such as freedom of speech and able to vote in Australia makes it an amazing place to live. It just seems the issues people bring up in politics are far pettier then what I grew up with.

Australia doesn’t know the deep real issues and trauma of what a nation can go through like South Africa did. Australia is well off, people just do not realize it.”

Nelson Mandela is recognized for his faith, passion and determination to free nations from racial inequality. He has left a legacy that sets the bar high for the world to live up to.

MR De Gersigny best describes who Nelson Mandela is, He said “He is a true world statesman, a man of grace and peace, one of the greatest men that’s ever lived.”

The world will never forgot the impact of one man who freed a whole nation and impacted many more.

Nelson Mandela best describes life in His own words “We can change the world and make it a better place, it is in your hands to make the difference.”

by Sarahbelle Goodson