Strictly Ballroom – Revisiting the phenomenon

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It might be the glitzy costumes, or the burnt orange fake tan, whatever it is, the moment that this incredibly over the top movie makes an appearance on TV, I cannot help but watch it from beginning to end.  

Strictly Ballroom is Baz Lurhman’s first film and a glimpse into his over-the-top style. It was also the first in the Red Curtain Trilogy, followed by cult favourites Moulin Rouge and Romeo + Juliet.  

Strictly Ballroom 02

Until November 9th, the Sydney Powerhouse Museum is showcasing Strictly Ballroom’s colourful costumes, original design drawings, cast & set photos, performance & rehearsal clips to celebrate 30 years of this Australian cinema classic.  

‘A highlight is 40 dazzling original costumes created by four time Oscar winner Catherine Martin which played a critical role in creating the larger than life quality of the film’. 

If you’d rather see the costumes in movement and experience Baz’s artful talent, you can watch Strictly Ballroom the Musical which is now showing at Lyric Theatre 

Grab your feather boa, practice your quickstep and be dazzled by the magic of ballroom dancing.  

Strictly Ballroom 03

Strictly Ballroom 04

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by Graziela Oborn