Useful Tips on how to pack for your next trip

In General, Slider, Travel | Sun 01/06/14

Holidays at last, happy days! time to think about packing and it can be daunting. You might forget to include something important or exaggerate in others, isn’t right? here is a 10 essential tips for you on how to organise your packing for your next trip.

1) What is the best luggage?

Easy answer: the lightest one! For long trips choose the traditional luggage so your clothes can stand a better chance to keep straight although  backpacks or handbags are practical for short travel.

2) Ask questions

It’s important you ask yourself before packing to avoid taking your whole closet in your trip. Ask how long are you  staying on your destination? Is it leisure or business trip? beach, mountain, city or adventure? what is the season at your destination?

3) Choose Simple clothing

Try choosing outfits that match well and avoid attires that are too extravagant as clothes with too many details are harder to match. Remember for instance that two plain colour bikinis can make four different combinations. Think on how many days you are travelling and reserve at least one piece per day, an extra piece it can save you in an unpredictable situation.

4) Creased clothes

When organizing your bag, set as a rule leaving clothes that wrinkle easier for last. A useful tip is to fold the piece in a way that  outstretched on its length preferably. Business shirts, you can fold at the lower part so the folded part is always inside the trousers.

5) Create more room in your bag

Start organizing your bag by lodging shoes at the bottom (maybe insert some socks in the shoes). Fill in the gaps with belts, underwear or items that can be rolled up. On top you can layer with jeans and track pants trying to make it as levelled as possible as you increase the layers, then shirts, board shorts and other pieces.

6) Backpack

If you are planning a backpacking trip remember that formal attires are not necessary so, pack more sweaters. For better stowage t-shirts and sweaters can be rolled for maximum utilisation of your backpack.

7) Toiletry bag

Forget about big containers of shampoo, conditioners or skin care products, take everything in smaller containers. There is no need for big pots and that is useful for all products in this category.

8) Personalize your bags

If you fear loosing  your bags, your best option is to personalize your baggage. Black colour bags are very common in the baggage carrousel, so use  coloured tags, tape or key rings to differentiate from others.

9) Hand Bags

They are very important, specially for air travel. In that case, spare a complete changing in case your stuck in the airport or lost of baggage. Do not forget that you are limited in weight and size for hand luggage in overhead storage. In case you are travelling by car or bus, shoes and large objects can go in the hand bags to free the space in the large bag. A good advice is to take a small notebook with important contact and addresses as well as copy of personal documents.

10) Keep it tidy and organised

Nothing is better than keeping an organised bag from start to end of the trip. If staying in the same hotel you are better off  taking everything out and using the wardrobe in the room. After using your clothes, fold them and place in a plastic bag so they can go in the bottom of the bag without taking to much space until the end of the trip.